Delmarva Chicken Association announced the recipients of its Outstanding Grower awards, honoring 12 farm families in Delmarva’s chicken community with recognition as exemplary farmers raising broiler chickens. Each grower operates an independent, family-owned farm raising chickens under contract for one of Delmarva’s five chicken companies. There are more than 1,360 such chicken growers on Delmarva each one an important part of the $4.2 billion chicken community.

“To be a chicken grower in 2021 was to roll with the punches. In a climate roiled by COVID-19, avian influenza and the stirrings of inflation, chicken growers certainly dealt with adversity,” said Holly Porter, DCA’s executive director. “Growers came through for all the families, including mine, who depend on the chickens they raise. For this class of outstanding growers, earning recognition for their work in a year of challenge is a real feather in their caps. And when they share their everyday rewards and challenges with others, they help people who may never set foot on a farm understand how chickens are raised.”

The following growers were honored:

Gary & Pat Bennett
Gary Bennett Farm, Berlin, Md. | Perdue Farms

Brenda Cowgill
Brenda Cowgill Farm, Denton, Md. | Amick Farms

Aaron Dennis
Carrs Creek Farm, Preston, Md. | Perdue Farms

Ben & Kayla Dilworth
Beyla Farm, Greensboro, Md. | Mountaire Farms

Robert & Susan Elliott
Elliott’s Chicks, Delmar, Del. | Mountaire Farms

Aaron & Kathy Mast
Royal Oak Farm, Quantico, Md. | Perdue Farms

Muhammad Parvez
Ish Farm LLC, Oak Hall, Va. | Tyson

Alvin & Norma Warner
Warner Enterprises Inc., Milford, Del. | Coleman Natural Foods

Keith & Sandy Whaley 
Three Jokers Farm, Hardscrabble, Del. | Allen Harim

Marcus & Marcia Woodward
Gryffen’s Roost, Houston, Del. | Mountaire Farms

Wan Ki Yu & Eun Young Yu
Cco Cco Farm, Laurel, Del. | Mountaire Farms

John & Carol Zoch
Dixie Line Farm, Seaford, Del. | Amick Farms