While automation is a promising solution for many of the challenges that poultry farms face, its use and implementation in commercial poultry houses is difficult due to limited power sources and lack of space, explained Shankar Jagdale, PakshiMitra Poultry Technologies, CEO at the 2022 Poultry Tech Summit.

An autonomous vehicle with overhead attachments that change the functionality of the system could address these issues and reduce the amount of labor needed to perform certain tasks.

When creating the multi-functional technology, Jagdale chose to address common, labor-involved tasks that poultry workers are required to do such as litter raking or egg and mortality collection. The conceptual design allows the system the ability to address multiple farm challenges while still allowing birds to move freely around the technology.  

How does it work?

The single setup contains an autonomous vehicle with four wheels that is powered by a multi-utility bot adapter. The multiple attachments and utility lines used changes the bot’s functionality. The vehicle is powered by a constant energy supply (AC or DC) from the ceiling to minimize battery waste, fresh water supply and waste removal lines.

When using the bot for litter management, a disinfection spray prevents the spread of fecal contamination while simultaneously tilling and heat treating the litter. Conversely, when used as a floor egg collector, the bot slowly rolls around the house, removes eggs form the floor and sends them to the overhead system for collection.


The system can be implemented in existing farms with minimal layout changes. Additionally, it reduces labor, increases efficiency and lessens the farm’s operating costs, Jagdale added. 

Jagdale hopes to fully complete the technology’s engineering design by July 2023 and launch the technology with a research partner by December 2023. If interested in working with PakshiMitra Poultry Technologies, email Jagdale at shankar@pakshimitra.com.

Attend the 2023 Poultry Tech Summit

The Poultry Tech Summit is the only event of its kind that connects researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, venture capitalists and producers looking for new projects and investments to fund. Since its 2018 inception, this unique conference has facilitated and fast-tracked many pioneering ideas into adoption for the benefit of the poultry supply chain.

Details on the 2023 Poultry Tech Summit will be released in Spring 2023.