Pharmgate LLC of Ramsey, N.J., and ECO Animal Health Ltd. of London, United Kingdom, have announced the formation of Pharmgate Animal Health LLC, a jointly owned company that will distribute its owners’ veterinary products and medicated feed additives in the North American livestock and poultry markets.

 Pharmgate is part of Jinhe Biotechnology Ltd. of China. Colin Gray, Pharmgate’s general manager, said, “We are excited to take this important step in the forward integration of Pharmgate into the North American market.”


Marc Loomes, chief executive of ECO Animal Health Group PLC, the parent of ECO Animal Health Ltd., said, “This is an important step in the global commercialization of Aivlosin, our novel antibiotic for the treatment of enteric and respiratory disease in swine and poultry. … Pharmgate shares ECO’s marketing philosophy and pursuit of lean and agile field operations.”