Every summer, pork producers and suppliers make an annual pilgrimage to Des Moines, Iowa, to attend the National Pork Producer Council’s World Pork Expo. This year’s event will be held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on June 9, 10 and 11. Thousands of producers will flood Expo’s trade show to discover new production solutions and talk with exhibitors.

Sam Carney, NPPC President, member of the Iowa Pork Producers Association Board of Directors and a producer form Adair, Iowa, has attended World Pork Expo since the early 1980s. Carney says, "World Pork Expo is a great opportunity to learn about the latest production technologies - and I’m in great company among fellow pork producers."

World Pork Expo’s trade show gives producers a great opportunity to touch base with current suppliers and talk with new ones. “Over the years, I’ve made small improvements to my operation based on recommendations I received from the experts at Expo,” Carney explains.


In addition to the trade show, the seminars are a great way to get a comprehensive look at everything affecting the market. The speakers are industry experts who offer valuable insights regarding the economic forecast and herd health management. Carney states, “The pork industry serves a global market; we sell hogs all over the world. There may be something I need to change within my own operation to improve the industry as a whole, and I may not even be aware of it until I hear an expert discuss it at Expo.”

World Pork Expo isn’t all work and no play. Business mixes with pleasure during the block party as vendors host dinner for their customers and bands play throughout the evening. The annual event also features America’s Best Genetics Showcase, Farm Toy Show and Sale, New Product Showcase, 2010 Junior National Swine Show, Cruisin’ with the Hogs, Pig Races, World Pork Open Clay Target Championship and the World Pork Open Golf Outing.

World Pork Expo is your opportunity to discover new products, connect with friends and get the information you need to make your operation more efficient.