Global Animal Partnership has been organized to set standards for humane production of livestock. GAP will certify producers and encourage supermarket chains and quick-service restaurants to specify compliance with the new GAP standards in supply contracts.

GAP’s Web site indicates the non-profit organization is dedicated to “facilitating and encouraging continuous improvement in animal agriculture” and “is committed to working collaboratively to improve the lives of farm animals.” Five-step programs for welfare rating of broiler and swine production are outlined on the Web site.


Members of the board of directors include Chairwoman Joyce D’Silva (Compassion in World Farming), Margaret Wittenberg and John Mackey (Whole Foods Market), Wayne Pacelle (Humane Society of the United States), Steven Gross (corporate consultant to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Mike Baker (World Society for the Protection of Animals), Dan Probert (Country Natural Beef), George Siemon (Organic Valley), Jim Webster (AgResearch), and Paul Willis (Niman Ranch Pork Company). Ian J. Duncan, professor emeritus and chair in animal welfare, University of Guelph, Canada, is chairman GAP’s Welfare and Farming Advisory Committee.