Australia is in the midst of Australian Ham Week. Lasting for seven days from July 5, its organizers say that the initiative was launched to “help confused Australian consumers and fight back for the country’s embattled pork producers.”

Australian Ham Week highlights the Australian PorkMark label.

“The hot pink logo is a sure fired way to guarantee that what is in the packet is 100% Australian home grown and manufactured ham,” say the organizers of the campaign, pork producers’ body Australian Pork Limited (APL).

Consumer research has shown that 87% of Australians prefer to buy Australian grown food if they can identify it, however, current country of origin labeling regulations make it difficult for consumers to do this APL believes.


The week also sees the announcement of the winners of the Australian PorkMark Ham Awards for Excellence.

Open to all smallgoods processors that make their ham from Australian grown pork, the entries for the Australian PorkMark Ham Awards for Excellence were divided into two categories: bone-in and boneless, and judged against key criteria, including appearance, texture, aroma and taste.

In March this year, the APL organized Bacon Week, with the theme “Bringing Home the Bacon.”