Kemin AgriFoods has announced the creation of a new global marketing team.

The team will focus on managing comprehensive marketing strategies from a global perspective, aligning regional strategies and synergizing the company's marketing and innovation efforts. "This is an exciting addition to Kemin's growing global presence," said Marketing Director Jan-Jeroen De Beucker. "As we continue to expand our product offerings across regions and markets, this new global team will provide support in the core areas of innovation and marketing so regional teams can focus on serving the unique needs of their market."


The new members of the team are Chandru (K.V. Chandrasekar), D.V.M., Monika Bieber-Wlaschny, Ph.D., RC (R. Chanthirasekaran), D.V.M., Robert Musser, Ph.D. and Tin Mariën