In wake of the ongoing U.S. recall of roughly 550 million shell eggs due to salmonella contamination, the Poultry & Egg Export Council has released a statement to allay Russian fears of unsafe poultry meat.

According to the statement, "all poultry meat produced in the USA and designated for export to the Russian Federation is in full compliance with Russian requirements on the safety of poultry products." Poultry & Egg Export Council President Jim Sumner said the two industry segments are in no way related. "The poultry meat and egg segments of the U.S. poultry industry are completely separate entities," he said. "The products never come into contact with each other and are produced at separate facilities remotely located from one another, which fully excludes any possibility of cross-contamination."


The statement was released in response to comments made by Russian officials that the egg recall could have negative implications on U.S. poultry exports to Russia.