Novus International held a technical forum in Bangkok focusing on "Health through Nutrition—Evaluating Trace Mineral Programs."  


The program included several Novus speakers and presenters from Thailand-based Kasetsart University who spoke on topics relevant to the poultry, aquaculture and swine industries. The forum's aim was to educate attendees on the positive effects of feeding trace minerals to animals, and which minerals promote the best results. "There has been a great deal of confusion regarding minerals and their effectiveness," said Dr. Jim Richards, manager of cell biology research at Novus. "One of the main reasons to feed an organic trace mineral over an inorganic trace mineral is the delivery of more minerals to the blood and tissues of the animal." Specific presentations included "Trace Mineral Bioavailability and Functional Effects in Animals," "Functional Benefits and Bird Performance," "Maximizing Sow Lifetime Reproductive Performance" and "Optimizing Trace Minerals for Shrimp and Fish."