Nearly 1,000 Australian pork producers took part in a countrywide Town Hall Teleforum addressing the industry's use of gestation stalls.

The Teleforum, part of the Shaping Our Future initiative, brought 982 producers in contact with industry leaders to discuss consumer perceptions, pork imports, labeling and labor. "Feedback from producers, both from the Teleforum and the extensive round of industry meetings Australia-wide, suggests that it is one of the most comprehensive consultation processes the industry has encountered," said Australian Pork Limited CEO Andrew Spencers.   


The ramifications and costs of a voluntary phase-out of gestation stalls were prime topics for debate, particularly how Australian producers could justify the transition costs while gaining ground on imported pork, which makes up the majority of Australia's pork products. "Producers cannot do this on their own," said Spencers. "It requires support, cooperation and involvement with all parties along the supply chain and government to ensure its success."