The Grain Elevator & Processing Society’s annual technical conference and Exchange exhibition is set to take place Feb. 27-March 1, 2011 in Portland, Ore.

The workshop, “Bin Sweeps and Bin Entry: Tackling an Industry Challenge,” will address important issues relating to Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s “zero-bin-entry” regulations while unguarded bin sweep equipment is running. It will also include an overview of regulatory issues, a segment on the insurance industry’s perspective and a discussion about compliance of grain companies. Bin sweep manufacturers will be given five to seven minutes to discuss how their equipment helps meet zero-entry challenges.


The deadline for bin sweep manufacturers to apply is Dec.1, and a limited number of vendors who best address how their equipment helps meet the requirements will be chosen to participate. More information and an application is available by contacting Chuck House by e-mail at or by phone at +1.952.928.4640.