KWB Boxtel and SPRIKK Architecture based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Genugten Agri based in Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands, are developing an animal housing concept integrating air scrubbing, air circulation and the use of passive energy and energy recovery. The housing, called Sanastal, aims to produce a house for fattening pigs that improves living conditions.


The environmental benefits (energy-neutral, minimum emissions) are realized through a multi-phase air scrubber from KWB in Boxtel, UV technology and energy-saving techniques, including a high-yield heat exchanger, solar cells, online data control and the method used to quickly remove manure from the house. Animal welfare benefits can be seen through the housing design, where the pigs are held in a multilevel system with freedom of movement, toys and opportunities for exercise. The housing also allows for optimum penetration of daylight and a strict separation between clean and dirty pathways. KWB Boxtel is aiming for at least a Dutch 1-star certification for the meat produced in the housing.