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on February 10, 2011

Czech Republic reports pig numbers down by 3.5% in 2010

1.84 million lowest figure since 1946

The Czech Republic reported pig numbers at their lowest levels since 1946, according to the Czech Statistical Office, to 1.84 million pigs in 2010 — a 3.5% decrease from 2009.

Farmers have said that they can't compete with the cheaper pork imported into the country, and according to the Agricultural Chamber the Czech Republic's self-sufficiency in pork production will drop below 50% in 2011. In 1999, the country's pig numbers reached 4 million, a statistic the government hopes to reach again. Agriculture Minister Ivan Fuksa said he wants to increase support to pig breeders using funds from a package of Kc800 million that the ministry has earmarked for support of sensitive commodities.

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