The National Chicken Council has said it supports the actions of the U.S. House of Representatives in voting to block federal funding of blender pumps for gasoline mixed with ethanol at service stations, and to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from carrying out a decision to allow up to 15% ethanol in motor gasoline (E15).

The House voted 261-168 to ban federal funding for installing blender pumps. The amendment was to the continuing resolution funding the government for the rest of this fiscal year.


The House also voted 286-135 to block the EPA from spending any federal funds to carry out waivers granted over the past year that would allow fuel blenders to put as much as 15% ethanol into gasoline for cars and trucks. The legal limit has been 10%. “We commend the House for voting to begin the process of reining in the out-of-control ethanol program,” said NCC President George Watts. “This country needs neither E15 nor taxpayer-subsidized ethanol facilities. We urge the Senate to take similar action.”