The US, Park Ridge, Illinois-based Egg Nutrition Center, ENC, was established in 1984 for the purpose of providing commercial egg producers and processors, health promotion agencies, and consumers with a resource for scientifically accurate information on egg nutrition and the role of eggs in the health and nutrition of the diet. Since its inception, the ENC has refocused to be more interactive with health professional audiences.

The ENC has as its mission: “ENC is a credible source of nutrition and health science information and the acknowledged leader in research and education related to eggs”.

It monitors scientific findings and regulatory developments, and serves as a resource for health practitioners in need of information to share with their patients. Key vehicles for disseminating information are a newsletter, educational brochures and tool kits, scientific articles, and symposia.

Funded by the American Egg Board, the center is dedicated to providing balanced, accurate information on the complex issues surrounding eggs and health. The ENC notes that these health issues are best addressed by health and nutrition experts, such as those it employs, as well as by their external expert networks. A panel of independent scientists guides many of the research and educational projects and provides analysis and interpretation of current scientific literature.

The ENC regularly convenes a Scientific Advisory Panel of independent scientists with expertise in human nutrition, food safety, epidemiology, and cardiology to evaluate research grant applications and to advise it and the American Egg Board on current issues related to eggs and health.

It sponsors health-related scientific research that is primarily focused on egg intake. Research grants are openly solicited and reviewed by a scientific Advisory Panel comprised of acknowledged authorities in health research and clinical practice. Current areas of research interest include: protein intake, nutrient density of the complete diet and how eggs can be part of the menu, and dietary cholesterol. ENC’s investment in scientific research is in excess of US$1 million annually.

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