Butterball LLC donated more than 160 pounds of turkey pot roast to the Salud Family Health Centers for a Dia de los Niños celebration aimed at raising awareness about the importance of healthy living. 

“Butterball is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with groups like Salud Family Health Centers, who are committed to building a healthier community,” said Tony Seta, Butterball's celebrity chef for the event. “It’s important that consumers have access to nutritious, wholesome meal options that are also affordable. Turkey is a great option because it is a relatively affordable form of protein." Seta used the turkey meat to prepare a turkey taco recipe for the approximately 400 guests who attended the celebration on April 29. 


Dia de los Niños also provided nutritional education and demonstrations, with more than 30 booths from local Longmont, Colo., groups. “There are many youth within our community that do not receive immunizations, dental checks or health screenings that are essential preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle,” said Kirk Bjella, AmeriCorps member of Salud Family Health Centers. “We fill the gap by providing these services at affordable rates. Further, we work to educate the community on available resources, thus increasing the community's ability to deal with health issues that arise.”