Auburn University’s Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures developed an online, multilingual training and certification program for working industry professionals.

The program, Certification for Aquaculture Professionals, is a Web-based, educational curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of aquaculture and sustainable aquaculture production. The CAP program consists of 10 learning modules taught by aquaculture experts, many of whom are members of the Auburn fisheries department’s faculty. The 10 modules include a total of 136, approximately 30-minute-long segments with video recordings of trainers’ lectures, slides used for the lectures and lecture transcripts. Subjects covered in the certification program include: principles of aquaculture, water quality, physiology, hatchery management, genetics and breeding, aquatic animal nutrition, aquatic health, aquaculture production, aquaculture economics and extension methods. Each module ends with an exam, which students must get at least 70% on to proceed to the next module. The certification program can be completed in about six months, but is designed for people who are currently working, so the timeline may vary.


The CAP program is offered in English and Spanish, and soon will be available in Portuguese, French, Chinese and Arabic. Registration for the CAP program ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 depending on the number of certifications desired. For more information on Auburn’s CAP program, visit