Novus International celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday at its headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., with a three-day event for its customers, hosting 36 clients that represented 15 countries. Speakers at the celebration included Dr. Jon Hagler, Missouri Director of Agriculture; previous Novus president Joe Privotts; Dr. William Danforth, professor at the University of Sao Paulo; and Novus president and CEO, Thad Simons.

“Integrity and innovation: those words do not usually go together. It’s not a concept that you very well think about together, but for us, it’s very fundamental,” said Simons, explaining Novus’ mission of “Innovation with Integrity.”


“Integrity was part of our core values from the beginning. We have that integrity our customers need to have to build those long-term relationships. And innovation means different things to different people,” he continued. “To me, innovation means the application of technology. What’s innovative is actually getting technology into the hands of people in a way they can use it.”

Novus will continue to host appreciation celebrations for customers and partners at its facilities throughout the world, including China, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Thailand and Australia.