A U.S. layer flock of an estimated 5 million hens produces roughly 71,701 30-dozen cases of organic eggs (25.8 million individual eggs) each week, according to a new weekly report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The estimated lay rate of the hens is 73.8%, according to the report. For the week of June 27, 9,600 30-dozen cases of organic large eggs were in U.S. stocks, while 7,700 30-dozen cases of ungraded eggs were in stock.


Organic poultry slaughtered under federal inspection in the week ending June 25 reached 451.06 million head of chicken (at an average live weight of 5.82 pounds) and 6.53 million head of turkey (at an average live weight of 24.57 pounds). These numbers are up slightly from the previous week but remain significantly lower than the peak week ending May 28.