LED lighting manufacturer Once Innovations Inc. is filing an abuse complaint in connection with a poultry lighting rebate program, claiming that the Arkansas Economic Development Commission Energy Office is managing the program using recovery funds in an "arbitrary and capricious manner" and steering rebate-eligible lamps toward specific, pre-selected manufacturers and lamp designs.

ONCE has expressed concern over what the company says are inappropriate and incomplete specifications for lamps qualifying for these rebates. “In addition to not requiring minimum power quality standards, the AEDC specifications were technically incompetent," said Michael J. Ostaffe, ONCE executive vice president. "They refused to add safety standards, even though urged to do so several times, an omission that could lead to the potential risk of fire, shock or other electrical hazards detrimental to birds, farmers and property. The specifications don’t require, or even reference, basic ANSI, NEMA or UL standards, as is the norm for commercial lighting projects. Not only that, this is an energy saving program, yet lights that are significantly less energy efficient than CFLs or incandescent bulbs could actually qualify for a 50% rebate based on the minimum requirements published by the AEDC.”


In January, ONCE expressed concerns over the program on procedural grounds.