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Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo is editor of WATT PoultryUSA. To contact Alonzo, email


The emerging business of cultured meat

Like any promising technology, cultured meat is attracting a lot of buzz and investment money, but who is involved?
Investments are coming in to back up the startups and researchers who are leading the novel technology of growing meat from cell cultures.
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Previewing Costco’s $400 million chicken operation in Nebraska

Lincoln Premium Poultry, a company owned in part by Costco, is starting up a new complex and integrated poultry operation in Fremont, Nebraska.
A new broiler operation complete with a feed mill, hatchery and processing plant will be processing more than 2 million chickens a week to be sold at Costco Wholesale stores by the end of 2019.
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9 keys for a successful coccidia vaccination program

Managing coccidia using a live vaccine requires a different mindset, as well as more intense husbandry, than using a chemical-based program.
Coccidia is a nuisance that’s both pervasive in broiler houses and difficult to control in antibiotic-free operations. Vaccination is a key tool against the disease, but its effectiveness depends on proper administration and management.
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Poultry diseases: gel or spray hatchery vaccinations?

Both products offer advantages and drawbacks for treating common poultry diseases. An expert said the choice of product depends on the scenario.
The steady removal of antibiotics from the poultry industry is elevating the importance of using vaccines to prevent common diseases. However, hatcheries must assess how best to apply vaccines to ensure proper inoculation.
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