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Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo is editor of WATT PoultryUSA.



Goodbye COVID, hello cybercrime

The poultry industry must prepare for the growing threat posed by ransomware.
Now that the threat of COVID-19 is fading, the U.S. poultry industry must turn its attention to the urgent threat posed by emboldened cybercriminals.
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Preparing poultry for a post-COVID world

Foodservice demand will return as the pandemic recedes in the United States, but many workers may never return to their offices.
The end of the COVID-19 pandemic could be in sight thanks to the arrival and increasingly widespread use of vaccines against the disease. That could mean a return to normalcy for a poultry industry that was rocked by the disruptions caused by the disease.
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Former FSIS head on performance standards, inspection

Mindy Brashears, who led the agency from January 2019 to January 2021, said poultry line speed increases do not harm worker safety.
Government, the poultry industry and academia can work together to improve food safety, according to the former leader of the Food Safety and Inspection Service.
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Americans will fly again in 2021

If Americans feel comfortable aboard a full commercial aircraft, it signifies a forthcoming recovery in foodservice demand.
After a year of serious restrictions imposed due to the national COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are planning on flying around the country this summer for both business and pleasure.
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VIDEO: Will chicken demand sag as pandemic wanes?

Demand for chicken was strong during the pandemic so far but it may decline as people return to pre-pandemic behaviors.
Mark Jordan, executive director of LEAP Market Analytics, examines chicken demand during the COVID-19 pandemic and weighs in on how the market might change after it ends.
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