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Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo

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Finding uses for woody breast meat

Certain portions of breast filets and ground meat products can mitigate the texture issues associated with woody breast syndrome.
Woody breast meat products can still have value as further processed products if they are used in certain ways.
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What the US poultry industry needs to know about ASF

The domestic industry stands to benefit as the disease ravages China’s swine herd. Will African swine fever force China to allow U.S. poultry imports once again?
The African swine fever outbreak devastating China’s swine herd and spreading around Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe will greatly change the global protein economy. The U.S. poultry industry looks to benefit from this bad situation, but it is unclear how long the gain will last.
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How alternative proteins will challenge the industry

Alternative proteins are nearly a $1 billion market. A protein markets analyst offers tips for how conventional proteins can handle the change.
Alternative proteins – plant-based and cultured meat – are gaining interest among consumers and investors, but will they pose a serious threat to the established animal protein industry.
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One Health Certified label program reaches milestone

The new labeling program aimed at creating a new standard for chicken and other animal protein is partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences.
The New York Academy of Sciences will partner with the burgeoning One Health Certified labeling program. This is a significant step for the program aiming at creating an animal production standard that has meaning and value.
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CDC issues final update on Salmonella Reading outbreak

The public health agency is transitioning to routine surveillance because more than a month has passed without any additional illnesses.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its final update on the outbreak of Salmonella Reading in the turkey industry. It cautions that people can still get sick, however.
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Salmonella Reading outbreak challenges turkey industry

The outbreak of this serotype of the pathogenic bacteria is spawning product recalls and forcing the industry to reassess its practices.
The outbreak of this serotype of the pathogenic bacteria Salmonella is spawning product recalls and forcing the industry to reassess its practices. So far, the outbreak is not contained but the industry group the National Turkey Federation feels progress is being made.
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A new device for detecting woody breast

The system uses machine vision to detect the condition in breast meat fillets.
Using the power of machine vision, a new device that may soon be on the market can help poultry processing plants sort out chicken meat exhibiting signs of woody breast syndrome from normal meat.
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How to protect turkey flocks from heat stress

Reducing stress and increasing comfort isn’t always easy for the grower, but it pays off in terms of greater performance and lower mortality.
The key aspect of protecting birds from the heat is maximizing their hours of comfort while minimizing their hours of stress. This requires close attention to detail for the grower. Often, these actions and management techniques are not the easiest.
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