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Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo

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What role will alternative proteins play in the future?

Shoppers trying plant-based products will only keep eating them if they like it well enough to spend more than meat.
Curious eaters are trying a new generation of alternative protein products for the first time. A panel of consumer trends analysts said how it tastes will determine if shoppers buy it again.
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US could find $1 billion poultry market in China

Resumption of trade with China will create immediate value from chicken paws that would have otherwise been rendered.
In 2020, U.S. poultry will be imported into China legally for the first time since 2014. The market will be worth as much as a $1 billion immediately and could be lucrative going forward, provided the door remains open.
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Community relations a priority at Tyson’s Seguin complex

Continuous improvement in relations with the plant's neighbors and local government earned the complex a Clean Water Award.
Tyson Foods Inc.’s Seguin, Texas, complex prioritizes its relationship with the local community. Located within the city limits of the town, it’s made limiting odors and other nuisances a key plank of its operation.
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