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Elizabeth Doughman

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Tyson uses computer vision to track chicken inventory

Automation has already led to a 20% improvement in efficiency and precision.
Tyson Foods plans to implement cameras, machine-learning algorithms and edge computing at all seven of their “fresh tray” chicken facilities by the end of the year to help streamline inventory management and improve efficiency.
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How bioinformatics could transform poultry health monitoring

Data analysis allows for quick implementation of corrective management processes.
Bioinformatics combines computational and statistical approaches in order to analyze biological data, such as genome sequencing. A rapidly growing field of science, it has shown great promise to help monitor, identify and track poultry flock health.
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Chicken Sandwich Wars increase demand for smaller chickens

Broilers under 4.25 pounds requires less labor to prepare, quick service chains say.
In 2019, quick service brands battled for fried chicken supremacy, capturing consumer attention throughout the country. The so-called Chicken Sandwich Wars led to a preference for little chickens, whose quarter-pound breasts fit nicely in a bun.
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One in four Americans ate less meat last year

Alternative proteins only a small reason for the change, according to a Gallup poll.
A quarter of Americans (23%) have cut back on the amount the meat they ate over the last 12 months, citing health concerns, reports a new poll from Gallup. Most respondents (72%) said they ate the same amount of meat, while only 5% reported eating more meat in the past year than in previous years.
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IFT: agrifood research in US chronically underfunded

Federal funding for the study of food science has been on the decline since 2008.
Vital funding is needed to improve the nutritional quality, taste and accessibility of food, protect the integrity of food for safety purposes and increase the supply of nutritious food needed to feed a growing population, says a new white paper from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).
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