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Elizabeth Doughman

Elizabeth Doughman

Elizabeth Doughman is the Managing Editor of Poultry Future.



Will CRISPR transform the poultry industry?

Avian gene editing techniques are more complicated than those required for other forms of livestock.

Gene editing techniques like CRISPR could revolutionize the poultry industry in the future, improving yield, resistance to disease and leading to better welfare. 

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How the gut microbiome controls poultry health

Learn about digitalization and the potential of CRISPR in poultry production.

Tremendous strides have been made in measuring and controlling the environment of the poultry house that interacts with the exterior of the bird. But what about the environment inside the digestive tract of the bird? 

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ADM forms joint venture for microbial-based proteins

Microbial-based proteins are derived from the dried cells of yeasts, microalgae and fungi that are grown in a large-scale culture system.

ADM signed an agreement with Asia Sustainable Foods Platform to partner on the technology development and precision fermentation of microbial-based alternative proteins in Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

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