People are still consuming poultry products, but eggs seem to have been all the rage in times of COVID-19. That is understandable, because eggs bear special characteristics. They are versatile, they have a high nutritional value, they are affordable and they last a long time -- even without refrigeration (although it is recommended to refrigerate them).

With this in mind, Grupo Mantiqueira, the largest egg producer in Brazil (with 10.5 million layers in production) and the fourth largest egg company in Latin America, (preceded by the Mexican companies Proan, Bachoco and Empresas Guadalupe)  expanded its services of the Clube de Ovo (Egg Club), at the perfect juncture of the lockdown caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What is this about? It is about delivering eggs at home, so you do not have to go out to buy them, offering a plus.

Mantiqueira's offer is interesting. It is not "just" eggs, but it features five varieties of products and presentations: 30-unit family packages (10 gourmet eggs, 10 cage-free eggs and 10 eggs enriched with omega-3, selenium and vitamin E) or organic (from free-range hens), packages with especially selected eggs, eggs in dozen blister trays and even jumbo-sized "fitness" eggs.

When registering for the club, the product, and the delivery frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) are chosen and thus the customer no longer worries about buying eggs. At the moment, delivery is only in Rio de Janeiro and takes a minimum period of 48 hours. Prices vary from BRL19.90 to BRL39.90 (US$3.57 to US$7.15).

Given the circumstances, I think it is a good idea, even if it still seems like a pilot project. At least, the company is being creative, is testing other ways to market itself, and seeing how it adapts to the circumstances.

What do you think?

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