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Read in-depth analysis on how global poultry trade is affected by Coronavirus COVID-19 and how the pandemic is impacting growers and producers. Find the latest news on vaccine research, poultry market outlooks, production biosecurity measures to keep birds and feed safe and the long-term economic ramifications of the outbreak.


veterinarians examining piglet 1602

We could use the help of vets in this pandemic

Veterinarians have the educational background and expertise to help solve many epidemic and pandemic issues, including vaccinating people.
It seems that zoonoses have been the cause of many of the epidemics and pandemics, and veterinarians have always been there.
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Inghams delivers solid growth for half-year

Improvements in net profit achieved despite avian influenza and COVID-19 challenges
With its latest half-year results, Australia-based poultry integrator Inghams Group highlights solid growth in poultry volumes, and strong improvements in the firm’s financial results.
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10 consumer trends transformed by COVID-19

The pandemic dramatically – and permanently – affected how we behave, spend and consume.
Consumers want options that offer them convenience and meet their values when it comes to sustainability and other issues as they continue to adapt to the “new normal” of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Would idle poultry processing capacity be worth it?

Extra capacity would prevent future supply chain backups, but finding a way to finance that capacity is an issue that needs to be addressed
While the meat and poultry industry’s operating model of just-in-time production has historically been very efficient, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed how disruptive events could back up the supply chain and force producers to make tough decisions regarding their animals that are ready for slaughter.
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Meat department starts off 2021 with accelerated gains

The COVID-19 global pandemic is expected to have a major impact on consumer habits for the foreseeable future.
While early on in the pandemic many shoppers started out indulging in traditional and “comfort food” choices, January kicked off with New Year’s resolutions for 64% of shoppers. For meat, this means the consumer’s eye is on nutrition as well as price and promotion.
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FDA: Future of food safety traceability is digital

Blockchain and other new technologies can help the supply chain running smoothly, even in times of crisis.
Emerging digital technologies will improve the traceability and transparency of the supply chain, creating a better food safety culture in the U.S., Frank Yiannis, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy Response, said.
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Tyson Chicken

Tyson Foods faced financial challenges in Q1

Company’s chicken segment faced an operating loss during the quarter ending January 2
Tyson Foods saw net income and operating income decline during the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, with the company’s chicken segment seeing the biggest drop in operating income.
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NTF chair praises ways turkey industry navigated COVID-19

Amid the pandemic, National Turkey Federation members kept businesses afloat, turkeys healthy and meat cases stocked, Ron Kardel says
When the National Turkey Federation (NTF) adjourned its annual meeting one year ago, its members didn’t realize the challenges the industry would face in the coming year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Preparing a national safety standard for COVID-19

New leadership in Washington will likely lead to increased regulation of the poultry industry’s response to COVID-19.
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected the global workplace. As a vitally important critical infrastructure industry – and without a regulation requiring or instructing it – the poultry and egg industries proactively developed infectious disease preparedness and response plans and trained employees.
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