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Read in-depth analysis on how global poultry trade is affected by Coronavirus COVID-19 and how the pandemic is impacting growers and producers. Find the latest news on vaccine research, poultry market outlooks, production biosecurity measures to keep birds and feed safe and the long-term economic ramifications of the outbreak.



Victoria order will slow production at 2 Ingham’s plants

Ingham’s will need to reduce its workforce at its plants in Somerville and Thomastown as the Australian state hopes to control the spread of COVID-19
The premier of the Australian state of Victoria has issued Stage 4 lockdown measures for Victorian meat and poultry processing plants, leaving two plants operated by Ingham’s to have to make adjustments.
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Modern egg farming practices shield human health

Modern farming practices help to protect birds, producers and consumers and their rejection would increase the likelihood of the emergence of new diseases.
Modern farming practices help to protect us from zoonoses such as the novel coronavirus, and are not the reason behind its jump to humans.
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McDonald’s: COVID-19 highlights need for better ag-tech

Advances in automation, robotics, blockchain and more will protect the supply chain against future challenges, wrote the brand’s chief supply officer for North America.
COVID-19 exposed vulnerabilities in the supply chain, highlighting the need for further innovation in the way poultry and meat is produced and processed, a McDonald’s executive wrote for CNN Business.
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