Survey says: PEAK Feud was a lot of fun

Game show brings Minneapolis expo attendees together in a fun way.

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The team called Don't Yolk Around participates in the PEAK Feud game.
The team called Don't Yolk Around participates in the PEAK Feud game.
Roy Graber

When I learned that one of the activities at the PEAK trade show in Minneapolis was a live game called PEAK Feud, I knew I wanted to check it out.

Styled in the same way as the famous game show called “Family Feud,” teams of five competed to find the most popular answers.

I’ve always been into game shows, and one of the first ones to pull me in was “Family Feud.” As a kid, I’d watch and try to come up with the answers to questions asked by Richard Dawson. Well, he asked the questions when he wasn’t busy kissing all of the female contestants, that is.

And even after Dawson’s days were on the show, I still enjoyed it, whether the host be Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, the dude from “Seinfeld,” the dude from “Home Improvement,” or the current host, Steve Harvey.

The format of the show is just fun.

Round one

Because there were so many other activities going on at PEAK, I figured I should try to catch one of the earliest rounds. So, I caught the first one. The two teams had clever, poultry-centric names: Winged Warriors and Don’t Yolk Around.

Kaitlyn Mack of Mic Drop Entertainment was the PEAK Feud host, and she did a nice job as she asked the various questions.

The first question was to name a house you’d never want to be in. I don’t recall exactly what all of the answers on the board were, but the No. 1 answer was the dog house. Made perfect sense. Also ranking high was a haunted house.

The next question was to name an item in a bakery that the baker might call his wife. I thought to myself of the answer Cupcake, which did make it on the board. But the No. 1 answer was Honey Bun. If you thought Sprinkles would be a good answer, well, it didn’t make the cut.

Question 3 was what is in your closet that you only wear on special occasions. Most of the correct answers were types of more formal wear, such as suits, high heels or tuxedos. Being guessed but getting the wrong answer buzz was “handcuffs.”

For the final question, Mack asked if you could go to the Land of Oz, what would you ask the wizard for? The number one answer was money. Oddly enough, the only answer that matched a request from a character of the movie was a brain.

For what it’s worth, the Winged Warriors came out on top of this competition.

About PEAK Feud

The organizers of PEAK contracted with Mic Drop Entertainment to bring this game to the poultry industry trade show.

Mic Drop Entertainment Founder Brian Lansing told about the origins of the company and its game show replica.

When Lansing was straight out of college, he worked on a cruise ship as a disc jockey and entertainer, and one of the things that he did in that job was game-show-style entertainment. Then, in 2000, he started Mic Drop Entertainment.

“So, we’re a team of hosting DJs and then one of the things I want to make sure we included was game-show entertainment,” he said.

The company kept active during the COVID-19 pandemic with virtual game shows, but now Lansing and his colleagues are hitting more live events like PEAK.

Family Feud isn’t the only game show they replicate. Lansing said they have done other quiz show varieties, and even do a Pictionary-style game.

One thing he really enjoys is seeing his games become icebreakers and bring people together in a fun activity.

I’d say Lansing’s mission was accomplished.

Hopefully PEAK Feud will return next year, and maybe, just maybe, I might find myself on a team.

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