The 6 largest poultry companies of Asia

Four of the six largest poultry companies in Asia are based in China, including the continent’s top two companies.

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Four of the six largest poultry companies in Asia are based in China, including the continent’s top two companies.

According to the Poultry International Top Poultry Companies survey, based on 2017 figures, here are the top 6:

New Hope Liuhe

New Hope Liuhe is clearly the largest broiler company in Asia, according to 2017 figures, having slaughtered 1.3 billion broilers annually. It ranks fourth globally in terms of broiler production, trailing only JBS, Tyson Foods and BRF. The company, headquartered in Beijing, has 14 processing plants and 200 feed mills. New Hope Liuhe is also involved in duck production.

Wen’s Food Group

Wen’s Food Group slaughtered 807 million chickens in 2017, making it Asia’s second-largest poultry company. It ranks fifth worldwide among broiler companies. Based in Yunfu City, China, Wen’s is a leading producer of poultry and pigs in China, having consolidated 170 companies to encompass 53,000 family farms across China. It sells in more than 20 provinces and municipalities. It is also involved in duck production.

CP Group

CP Group, also known as Charoen Pokphand Group, is Thailand’s largest poultry company and ranks third among Asian broiler companies, having slaughtered 685.5 million chickens in 2017. Worldwide, it is the sixth largest broiler company. It also ranks first globally among feed producers. It’s poultry operations include broilers, ducks and table eggs.

Suguna Foods

Based in Coimbatore, India, Suguna Foods is Asia’s fourth-largest broiler companies and the world’s 15th largest broiler company. It slaughtered 400 million chickens in 2017. It has 60 hatcheries, one slaughter plant and one processing plant. Its automated feed mill is the largest in India.

Doyoo Group

Doyoo Group, of Zhengzhou City, China, is in a fifth-sixth tie among Asian poultry companies and also ties with Sunner Development Co. for third place among those from China. It slaughtered 380 million broilers in 2017.

Sunner Development Co.

Based in Guangze, China, Sunner Development Co. ties with Soyoo Group as the fifth-sixth largest poultry company, slaughtering 380 million broilers in 2017. It has two processing plants, three hatcheries and three feed mills.


For more information about these and other top poultry companies of Asia, see the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database.


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