The top broiler, egg, turkey producers in Latin America

Year-over-year changes in slaughter counts and layer flock sizes from 2019 to 2020 are negligible in the region.

Jim Vallee |
Jim Vallee |

WATTPoultry International recently published an in-depth report on the largest broiler, egg and turkey producers in the Latin American region. The report notes that poultry producers in the region recorded little growth in 2020, compared to the previous year, with the exceptions of behemoths BRF and JBS. Here, the top five broiler, egg and turkey producers are ranked, highlighting the landscape of the regional market.

Read the full report and access valuable ranking tables in the April 2021 edition of WATTPoultry International.

Top poultry producers in Latin America

Top 5 broiler producers in Latin America, ranked by head slaughtered (millions/year)

  1. JBS (Brazil), 2,587.5
  2. BRF (Brazil), 2,190.0
  3. Industrias Bachoco (Mexico), 620.0
  4. Aurora Alimentos (Brazil), 365.0
  5. Grupo San Fernando (Peru), 250.0

Top 5 egg producers in Latin America, ranked by layer flock size in millions

  1. Proteína Animal (PROAN) (Mexico), 36.0
  2. Bachoco S.A. (Mexico), 13.0
  3. Grupo Mantiqueira (Brazil), 11.5
  4. Empresas Guadalupe (Mexico), 11.0
  5. El Calvario (Mexico), 10.5

Top 5 turkey producers in Latin America, ranked by turkey slaughtered (millions/year)

  1. BRF (Brazil), 7.0
  2. Seara (Brazil), 6.0
  3. Sopraval (Chile), 4.5
  4. San Fernando (Peru), 3.8
  5. Agrícola Ariztía (Chile), 1.3

Next World's Top Poultry Companies edition

WATTPoultry International's next worldwide report on top poultry companies will be published in the magazine's October 2021 edition. The annual report features worldwide rankings of the leading broiler and egg producers, in addition to rankings regionally in Africa; Asia; Caribbean and Central America; Europe; the Middle East; North America; Oceania; and South America.

Expanded rankings including additional companies are anticipated for this year's report, including more companies in China, Denmark, France and Spain.

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