Fire occurs at Scandi Standard plant in Denmark

A fire occurred on April 6 at the Scandi Standard ready-to-eat poultry plant in Farre, Denmark.

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A fire broke out at the Scandi Standard ready-to-eat (RTE) chicken plant in Farre, Denmark, on April 6.

However, the company reported that the damages caused by the fire were not substantial. “Efficient fire detection systems and procedures” enabled the plant staff and local firefighters to control and extinguish the fire before it caused much material damage to the plant.

The company also reported that there were no injuries.

The necessary repairs have already started, but the company cautioned that production will be reduced at the plant during the course of the next several days, but the fire’s impact on Scandi Standard customers should be limited “through application of inventory reserves.”

“We are of course grateful that no one was hurt, and that material damages were contained through swift action by our staff and well-functioning internal systems and procedures. We don't expect our customers to be affected in any significant way,” Jonas Tunestål, CEO and managing director of Scandi Standard, said in a statement.

Scandi Standard is headquartered in Sweden and has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Ireland. The company earlier announced its plans to invest in further expanding its RTE production capacity in Farre.

 The fire occurred near the beginning of TunestĂĄl’s tenure as CEO. According to previously published news, he started his role as the company’s CEO on April 1, having previously been part of the leadership team at Danish Crown. He succeeded interim CEO Otto Drakenberg, who joined the company on a temporary basis following the termination of Leif Bergvall Hansen.

According to the Scandi Standard website, it is the leading producer of chicken-based food products in the Nordic region and Ireland. The company produces, markets and sells ready-to-eat, chilled and frozen products. Brands include KronfĂĄgel, Danpo, Den Stolte Hane, Manor Farm and Naapurin Maalaiskana. Eggs are also produced and sold in Norway. 

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