MHP: Exporting requires 24/7 attention and management

As the war in Ukraine continues, MHP is working hard to keep its exports flowing, but the company acknowledged that doing so "requires 24/7 attention and management."

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Ukrainian agrifood company MHP is doing its best to keep the flow of poultry exports going amid the war and lack of access to ports, as well as a 15% decline in production.

The company recently published its monthly operational report for the month of May, which showed that it exported 24,191 metric tons of poultry during the month, which was a 31% drop when compared to May 2021.

“Since the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine, the company has been facing complex challenges and disruptions, which, primarily, resulted in a decrease in capacity utilization of poultry production to around 85%,” the company stated in its operational update.

“Since April, the company has been extensively developing alternative routes to resume and continue exports. As of today, export of all proteins from Ukraine continues to be extremely challenging and requires 24/7 attention and management.”

While MHP’s poultry export sales volume has declined when compared to the previous May, its domestic poultry sales volume have actually increased. The company reported the sale of 29,179 metric tons of poultry in May 2022, which is a 26% increase when compared to the pre-war May.

That increase in domestic sales volumes, however, was not enough to offset the loss of exports. The overall sales volume was 53,370 metric tons for the month of May, which was an eight percent decrease when compared to the previous year.

Other sales

The report also detailed the sales of soybean and sunflower oils, both of which saw a dramatic drop in sales volume for May.

Sunflower oil sales dropped 48% to 8,726 metric tons, while soybean oil sales volume dropped 78% to 881 metric tons.

Regarding meat processing products and convenience foods, those sales volumes dropped 54% to 1,835 metric tons.

The report did not break those sales volumes down to export and domestic sales.

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