IPPE New Product Showcase: January 27

Get a glimpse of the new products being introduced at IPPE Marketplace 2022 for the agrifood industry.

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The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is a prime opportunity for agrifood companies to showcase and launch new products. Here’s a look at just some of the products being showcased at this year's show.

Roxell USA MiniMax feeder pan

MiniMax is an automated pan feeding system for broilers. The feeder pan is tailored to the size of day-old chicks, as the distance between the floor of the house and the edge of the pan is just 6 cm (or 2.36”) for the 1st type of MiniMax pan. The 2nd type of pan can hold double the amount of feed and is only 0.5 cm (or 0.2”) higher. The 360 degree design allows for consistent feed flow, as every edge of the round feeder pan is always amply filled with feed. Three possible feed settings allow you to choose any type of feed and you can adjust the feed opening of the pan to the type of feed. A special bottom pan prevents feed spillage. 

Roxwell Usa Mini Max Feeder PanMiniMax feeder pan (Courtesy Roxell USA)


CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner 

CMS Solutions & Logistics CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner, an automated deboning concept engineered, designed, manufactured and supported in the U.S. The deboner produces butterfly cuts, clipped tenders and whole wings. The minimal need for rework and the high yields are comparable to hand deboning. It can process birds from 3.5 to 12 pounds with a capacity of 50 birds per minute. The machine is capable of running front halves and footballs with or without necks and can process one wing birds. It utilizes a simple touchscreen PLC control system with an integrated automatic safety shut-off. 

Cms Ace Db 5 Breast DebonerCMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner (Courtesy CMS Solutions & Logistics)


J & D Manufacturing Light Trap Combination Systems

The Light Trap Combination System mounts flush to interior wall eliminating obstructions and surfaces for debris to collect on. Light trap is hinged for quick access and cleaning. Provides for an easy exterior mounting of the exhaust fan reducing interference with interior activity and biosecurity quarantines. Constructed of durable fiberglass ensuring a future free of rust and corrosion. Available for 55″ and 36″ fans. 

J And D Maufacturing Light Trap Combo SystemLight Trap Combination System (Courtesy J & D Manufacturing)


BinTrac VISION Mobile 

The new mobile version, companion to the BinTrac VISION system is now available. This new feature comes standard with all new and existing BinTrac VISION Remote monitoring systems. The BinTrac VISION system allows users to manage feed inventory and consumption data remotely from anywhere and from any device. On the mobile suite you are also able to see historical graphs and custom query data reports, receive email/text alerts for fill events and low usage, improve feed mill performance and manage animal health, improve live weight predictability and safety/biosecurity. 

Bintrac Vision MobileVISION Mobile (Courtesy BinTrac by HerdStar)


Brite Belt The BRICK Scrubber

The BRICK, is a custom-built scrubber designed to get into tight or unusually shaped spaces in your production line, where biofilm loves to hide. Units are made to fit your conveyor belt width, and use the same aggressive – but not abrasive – scrubber pad. The Brite Belt BRICK is 7 inches long, 7 inches tall, and is custom-made to fit the width of your conveyor belt. Orifices 0.031 inches in diameter along with the bottom front edge gravity-feed cleaning solution and sanitizer onto the scrubber pad and conveyor surface. The scrubber pad is locked into Dual Lock that runs along the leading and trailing edge. On top of the unit is a 2-inch fill port, and an air vent which can be opened to increase the flow of cleaning solution. For extra scrubbing action, a brush can be attached to both the front and back of the unit.

Brite Belt The Brick ScrubberThe BRICK Scrubber (Courtesy Brite Belt International)


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