Paraguay: Biggest growth in broiler production in 5 years

With a 26.2 percent, Paraguay was the country with the biggest growth in broiler production in Latin America, followed by Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

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Brazil is the undisputed leader of poultry production in Latin America, with a production of 6.1 billion broiler chickens in 2017, well above its closest competitor, Mexico, which in the same year had 1.73 billion broiler chickens in production, according to the WATT Global Media database on Top Poultry Companies

However, the country in Latin America with the biggest growth in chicken broiler production in the past five years was Paraguay. This country increased its production from 49.6 million chickens in 2013 to 67.21 million in 2017 (26.2 percent).

The second place is occupied by Dominican Republic, which registered a 25.8 percent increase in its national production of broiler chickens in five years (from 164 million chickens in 2013 to 221 million in 2017). It was followed by Colombia, with a rise in broiler production of 21.4 percent, Bolivia (20.7 percent) and Peru (19.2 percent).

The list of growth in domestic chicken production is completed by: Panama (15.4 percent), Guatemala (15 percent), Mexico (14.8 percent), Chile (11.9 percent), Uruguay (9.9 percent), Brazil and Ecuador (8 percent each), Honduras (7.24 percent), El Salvador (5.1 percent) and Nicaragua (2.2 percent).

Three countries with losses in five years

In the same period, three of the 18 Latin American countries analyzed reported a reduction in their national production of broiler chickens. Venezuela had the greatest fall, with a decrease of 131.4 percent in five years. Venezuela went from producing 584.72 million chickens in 2013 to only 252.67 million in 2017.

Argentina and Costa Rica also had a reduction in their national broiler production. In the case of Argentina, the fall was of 17.7 percent, from a production of 850 million broilers in 2013 to 722 million in 2017. Meanwhile, Costa Rica experienced a fall of 1.4 percent, from 75 million broilers in production in 2013 to 74 million in 2017.

Uruguay: Biggest growth in 2017

If we only look at the increase in the national production of broilers from 2016 to 2017, Uruguay is the country that experienced the biggest growth: 22.4 percent in one year. Behind Uruguay was Bolivia (20.7 percent), Dominican Republic (18.6 percent), Chile (16 percent) and Colombia (8.1 percent).

Mexico: Constant growth

On the other hand, when observing which of the analyzed countries experienced growth annually for the past five years, Mexico stands out, the only one with constant growth from 2013 to 2017. Peru and the Dominican Republic also experienced constant growth, with the exception of one year in which they maintained their productions with similar figures. Brazil and Colombia also registered constant rises, except from 2015 to 2016, when both countries registered a slight decline in broiler production. 

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