Lallemand Animal Nutrition acquires Microbial Developments Ltd

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has acquired Microbial Developments Ltd, the UK-based manufacturer of Aviguard for poultry health, effective December 31, 2012.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has acquired Microbial Developments Ltd, the UK-based manufacturer of Aviguard for poultry health, effective December 31, 2012.

Aviguard is a well-established avian competitive exclusion product that aids the rapid establishment of normal gut flora in day old chicks thereby minimizing colonisation by transient pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella , E. Coli  and Clostridium perfringens . Aviguard is sold in over 36 countries and is widely used in broiler and layer breeders, parent and grandparent stock.

Lallemand has acquired Microbial Developments Ltd from Tim Nelson, who originally purchased the business from Bayer Plc in 1995 by way of a management buyout, and who will continue to act as its managing director. Sue Reynolds, sales and marketing director, will continue to manage Aviguard global distributor relationships and business development.  

As part of the transaction Lallemand has also acquired Microbial Developments' Aviguard and lactic acid bacteria fermentation plants, packing and R&D facilities located in Malvern, UK. Under Lallemand's ownership the business will continue to produce lactic acid bacteria for third party customers from the Malvern facility as well as producing bacteria for Lallemand's own needs.

"Aviguard is a well established and cost effective competitive exclusion solution used by many of the world's leading poultry breeders and integrators to help prevent the colonization of the gut by salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria," said Yanning Le Treut, general manager of Lallemand Animal Nutrition. "With ever increasing consumer and regulatory pressures on the poultry industry to minimise the routine use of antibiotics, we believe Aviguard is well positioned for the future and will complement our existing portfolio of poultry products,  which includes Bactocell, Alkosel, Agrimos and Levucell SB."

Tim Nelson, managing director of Microbial Developments Limited, said: "Lallemand's investment in Microbial Developments is good news for our employees and customers. Lallemand's distribution network will complement our existing distribution arrangements for Aviguard, opening new market opportunities. Our lactic acid bacteria and fermentation product customers will benefit from Lallemand's fermentation expertise, R&D capabilities and depth of production capacity with the Malvern facility joining Lallemand's existing plants in Milwaukee, St Simon and Montreal."   



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