Sanovo Technology Group WAVE technology


Sanovo Technology Group WAVE technology is a a patented system that pasteurizes the egg product very close to the coagulation point without affecting the functional properties. Using kinetic energy, the egg product is heated to a uniform temperature in a fraction of a second. The technique has proven to be extremely effective at eliminating even highly heat-resistant Salmonella serotypes, while at the same time preserving the important functional properties of the egg product. The Sanovo Technology Group WAVE technology is a stand-alone unit that can be connected to any configuration of pasteurizing equipment without altering the pre-existing process.Heating occurs instantly and uniformly throughout the mass of homogeneous material. Unlike in convection or infrared heating processes, no temperature differential is required to force heat via conduction from the surface to the center and the products are not subjected to mechanical stress. Due to its low coagulation point, the egg white is the most challenging product to pasteurize safely without destroying the functional properties. Specific studies have demonstrated that WAVE pasteurization reduces the presence of the highly heat-resistant Salmonella type S. Cerro by a factor of 6. This means that even if a liquid-egg processing factory should receive Salmonella-infected eggs, it will still be able to produce safe egg products.

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