GI-OVO Quail Egg Tray

Twinpack Quail Egg tray

The GI-OVO Quail Egg Tray is designed for all sizes of quail eggs. It is suitable for quail eggs up to 45 mm height and 17.1 gram weight. It measures 30 per 30 cm and can resist 140 gram weight. The quail tray carries 72 quail eggs and offer them maximum protection. The tray is perfectly stackable. There's also a special crate for transport of 864 eggs and a special pallet for crate transportation. 

The quail egg tray perfectly fits in the existing Egg Crate 360. Each crate can carry 864 quail eggs. The Egg Crates matches with a plastic pallet, which is designed for three crates per row. In total the pallet can carry 12 crates equal to 10.368 eggs. Twinpack supplies the quail tray in a blue colour. Customers can select their custom colour already from 15.000 pieces per order. The trays are made of a high quality HDPE, are durable and strong. 

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