Enzymes can benefit diets, reduce nutrient costs

Recent research supports enzyme use in diets for laying flocks.

Danisco reported on a presentation by Dr. Yingjun Ru at the VIV Asia Eggs Conference in Bangkok on the benefits of supplementing hen diets with enzymes, according to a recent press release.

His paper represented a meta-analysis of a series of studies conducted in the Philippines, Australia and Thailand.

Consistent with published studies, Dr. Ru demonstrated that Avizyme 1500 expressing xylanase, amylase, protease and phytase activity can potentially reduce the cost of dietary formulation in corn-soy based feeds with and without high-fiber ingredients.

Nutrient specifications for energy and critical amino acids were reduced by 5% without adversely affecting performance of laying flocks. The studies conducted in Asia reported at the Bangkok meeting reflect accepted practice in the U.S. where enzyme use including multi-enzyme mixtures and phytases have been adopted since the mid-2008 escalation in feed costs.

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