Egg industry sees rising hopes and concerns

Egg Industry editor reviews August edition

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As we observe and react to gyrations in UB prices we can take some solace in the recent upturn and a concomitant easing of feed costs. The projections of the size of our national flock made by Don Bell suggest restraint in expansion which is appropriate given the reduction in consumer spending. We hope to regain $1 per dozen during the fourth quarter of 2009.

This August edition of Egg Industry includes items of extreme concern to producers of eggs from non-confined flocks, including:

  • The proposed amendments to housing and management standards for organic production have the capacity to disqualify existing commercial-scale producers and will lead to a profound contraction of this segment of the egg market if adopted.
  • The contribution by Dr. O’Sullivan of Hy-Line International provides a valuable insight into the behavior of floor-housed pullets and hens in relation to their productivity.
  • An interview with Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech, highlights changing attitudes towards use of non-antibiotic feed additives and new directions in research on the nutrition of poultry.
  • Current events which influence industry profitability are considered, incorporating commentary and interpretation of their significance and impact.

As always, please feel free to respond with suggestions for articles, requests for data and information or any comments relating to our industry.

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