Study: Improvac controls boar taint

China Agricultural University in Beijing conducts research

A team of researchers from the China Agricultural University in Beijing has won an award for its evaluation of the performance of the boar taint vaccine Improvac (from Pfizer Animal Health) under Chinese production conditions.

The team studied the differences in feed efficiency and carcass quality between castrates and vaccinated boars raised in commercial swine units. The results were presented at the recent Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress in Tsukuba, Japan, and earned an award from the organizing committee for Best Poster.

The study concluded the vaccine was effective in controlling boar taint and enabled the pigs to show the superior feed efficiency, reduced back fat and increased lean meat yield associated with non-castrated boars.

Pfizer has applied to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for a license to sell the product in China and hopes to launch in 2010.

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