AB Vista reports 20 percent revenue increase

AB Vista has announced revenue growth of more than 20 percent for the financial year ending September 15, 2014.

AB Vista has announced revenue growth of more than 20 percent for the financial year ending September 15, 2014.

The results, which strengthen the company’s position at No. 3 in the global feed enzyme market, includes strong sales growth (more than 30 percent) of its Quantum Blue phytase enzyme, which continues to perform well – particularly since its launch in Europe this year.

AB Vista Managing Director Richard Cooper says the financial performance confirms that the company continues to grow faster than the market.

“We’re committed to delivering value for our customers – right across our business – so we’re proud to see the results pointing to the success of that vision. The year on year growth of AB Vista affirms what we do as a team, and in partnership with our customers around the world.”

Cooper says a key component of the results is the adoption of phytase superdosing – which has led to increased sales of Quantum Blue, notably in the Americas and a growing penetration in Asia and Europe.

“As a result of the additional value it brings, three of the top five global monogastric feed producers are now superdosing Quantum Blue; we expect the EU market to follow other regions in trending towards this approach to capitalize on the formulation cost and animal performance benefits it delivers.”

AB Vista also has invested in bringing new talent and infrastructure to its business – with 40 new hires this year and a new laboratory in Memphis, Tennessee, offering increased capacity and capabilities for its feed assay services.  The new PGPI granulation facility in Evansville, Indiana, is operating successfully to meet increasing enzyme demand, and the company also has appointed new distributors in several regions, and secured new product registrations in multiple countries.

Cooper says the business is set to continue with its growth strategy in the year ahead, while maintaining its focus on innovative research and high-quality customer care.

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