FEFAC releases Feed & Food Statistical Yearbook

FEFAC has released its Feed & Food Statistical Yearbook for 2013.

FEFAC has released its Feed & Food Statistical Yearbook for 2013.

The 66-page document contains information on the animal feed and animal nutrition industry, industrial compound feed production, and macroeconomic data on the agricultural production in the European Union (EU) and its disposal.

FEFAC, the European Compound Feed Manufacturers Federation, represents 24 national associations in 23 EU member states as well as associations from Norway, Turkey, Serbia, Russia and Switzerland with observer/associate member status. The European compound feed industry employs more than 110,000 persons on approximately 4,000 production sites often in rural areas, which offer few employment opportunities.

Key findings

  • The value of livestock production in the EU amounts to EUR169.5 billion (US$192.2 billion) and accounts for 41 percent of the overall agricultural output by the EU-28, amounting to EUR415.5 billion in 2013.
  • The compound feed industry has become capital intensive and uses a very high level of technology.
  • The feedstuffs market depends on the market for livestock products.
  • Compound feed production in the EU has remained stable since 1996.
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