Lallemand Animal Nutrition has new tagline and brand

'Specific for your Success' tagline and 'Lallemand Forward' service solutions reinforce the company's commitment to global animal nutrition and livestock production

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has introduced a new corporate tagline ─ Specific for your Success ─ and service offering brand ─ Lallemand Forward. Both are designed to reinforce the company’s commitment to the global animal nutrition and livestock production industries.

Lallemand develops, manufactures and markets high-value yeast and bacteria products including probiotics, silage inoculants and yeast derivatives. Using sound science, proven results and knowledge from experience, Lallemand applies the right strains for the right applications to have the greatest impact and return on investment for customers.

Yannig Le Treut, General Manager for Lallemand Animal Nutrition says this is not a shift in strategy for the company, simply a refreshed brand image and identity. “Our model is based on three strengths: First, our expertise in microbial fermentation as we are primary producer of yeast and bacteria; second, our commitment to research and the continuous documentation of our products; and third our strong customer relationships,” Le Treut says. “We support not only our customers but also the end user of our products with strong technical expertise, education and practical solutions. We are not changing our strategy but reaffirming our commitments and mission with new branding and restructuration of our service offering”.

The service offering that Le Treut mentions is now under the global umbrella of Lallemand Forward. It encompasses the specifically chosen service solutions that enhance people, knowledge and production practices. Lallemand Forward covers the R&D Centers of Excellence, education resources, technical exchanges, on-farm-services and audits and industry support.

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