Agrifirm implements new policy for the use of responsible raw materials

The Agrifirm Group is taking the next step in its “responsible raw materials policy” by tackling proactively all the major raw materials from Agrifirm Feed.

The Agrifirm Group is taking the next step toward increasing its purchase of responsible raw materials by assessing all the major raw materials of Agrifirm Feed. The company is being proactive because, in recent years, it has noted a great deal of thought going into initiatives aimed at responsible soya and palm oil. Agrifirm is also motivated by the need in modern livestock farming for high-quality mixed feeds.

To determine specific goals, the company has studied the issues at work in production areas. With the input of suppliers, results have been determined and charted. When needed, feasible measures will be implemented.

Agrifirm aims to maximize its contribution to feeding the world's population, predicted to increase more than 9 billion people by 2050. This growing population will inevitably lead to increased demand for food and, thus, a need for the use of raw materials, water and nature. Agrifirm intends to accept its responsibility by making smart choices, in a transparent way, on raw materials, suppliers and sourcing regions.

Agrifirm attaches great value on its new method for arriving at responsible purchase policy for the entire raw materials package. Over recent months the company has initiated discussions with a number of suppliers. In December there was a session with social organizations and chain partners (including Solidaridad, IUCN, Rainforest Alliance, FrieslandCampina, Unilever and an expert in the field of agro-commodities). All parties see these actions as the logical next step. Agrifirm will continue in dialogue with these and other partners on setting priorities in production regions and on achieving objectives over the years ahead.

In 2015 Agrifirm conducted pilot projects with three of the larger agro commodities: maize, wheat and rapeseed meal. The regional analyses for these raw materials were concluded in 2016, and the priorities in these areas were laid down in collaboration with the suppliers. The intention is to have the negotiations with suppliers concluded for at least 80 percent of these raw materials by volume in 2017/2018. In addition, Agrifirm will organize stakeholder sessions on specific risks in the regions concerned.

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