Dostofarm forms U.S. subsidiary

The manufacturer Dostofarm from Westerstede has broadened its USA expansion with a new subsidiary in Minneapolis.

The manufacturer Dostofarm from Westerstede continues to grow thanks to the booming demand for phytogenic feed supplements for livestock. At the beginning of the year, the company broadened its USA expansion with a new subsidiary in Minneapolis, Minn.

Dostofarm North America Inc. is now selling its full suite of all-natural, oregano-derived products. These products are being offered to better help U.S. livestock farmers prepare for the coming changes in 2017, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Veterinary Feed Directive retires blanket authorization for antibiotic inclusion in animal feed.

"The USA is a key market for Dostofarm, due to the country's status of having the highest per capita meat consumption", says Thomas Logemann, CEO of Dostofarm. His company aims to significantly expand the existing partnership with the U.S. supplier Form-A-Feed as well as develop additional partnerships as the company expands into Canada and Mexico. The selected location offers ideal conditions, since there is intensive animal husbandry in the region.

Natural oregano is the main ingredient of many Dostofarm products that are used as appetizing feed stuffs such as those for diet-related digestive problems and their consequences.

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