HKScan opens its modernized Kristianstad plant in Sweden

On March 5, HKScan held an opening ceremony for the company's modernized plant at Kristianstad.

On March 5, HKScan held an opening ceremony for the company’s modernized plant at Kristianstad. An investment of almost seven million euros has enabled an upgrading of the site, but also important energy savings, enhanced food safety and an increased production efficiency.

The thorough planning of the reconstruction began at the turn of 2016 and 2017. Since then extensive preparatory work has been made. During some intensive weeks in the beginning of 2019 the project was performed successfully - both time- and budget-wise. At the end of January, the operation was back to normal production rate again.

"This is a State of the art project and an investment that both improves our work environment and the quality of the food and our products. It also enhances the efficiency in the production line", says Tero Hemmilä, CEO at HKScan.

HKScan’s Kristianstad plant is Sweden’s largest pig slaughterhouse. The plant was built in 1974 but has been re-built and modernized over the years to improve animal welfare and enhance food safety. The recent investment of almost seven million euros completes the modernization of the entire production line. The investment is an important step in HKScan’s strategic development of its operations and it supports the Group’s ambition towards certifying the plant for export to China.

“I am both proud and happy to open our new and modernized site here in Kristianstad today. Not only have we upgraded the whole production process, the investment has also enabled important energy savings and reduced water consumption. Altogether, this is an important part of our strategic development and our entire value chain, from farm to fork. This investment allows us to produce responsibly and even more sustainable meat products for our customers,” says Sofia Hyléen Toresson, Executive Vice President, Sweden.

HKScan’s plant at Kristianstad is one of the largest private employers in the area with approximately 700 employees. In addition to the slaughter more than 250 different meat and deli products are produced at Kristianstad. Last year the site produced more than one million Christmas hams.

The opening ceremony was held by Sofia Hyléen Toresson, Executive Vice President for HKScan Sweden and Tero Hemmilä, CEO for HKScan. Also Kristianstad’s Councilor, representatives from the meat and farmers industry and employees participated to the ceremony.

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