Goodwan sensors help the growth of Cherkizovo's broilers

Cherkizovo Group has successfully implemented a monitoring system using GoodWAN sensors.

Cherkizovo Group has successfully implemented a temperature and humidity monitoring system using GoodWAN sensors. The new system saw its first deployment at our Petelinskaya poultry farm. Installed both outside and inside bird houses, the sensors transmit data on current temperature and humidity.

All the sensor data is transmitted via an unlicensed frequency of 868 MHz. This frequency band does not require any special approvals or permits.  The new monitoring process forms part of our enterprise management system and enables a prompt response to changes in bird house climate. 

Built using GoodWAN patented technology, the sensors are quick and easy to install and provide high precision measurements of temperature and humidity. The sensors are housed in cases to ensure the devices are well protected from dust and dirt. With the sensors transmitting data at 10 minute intervals, their battery life will last for a whole year of continuous operation.

The effective wireless communication circuitry developed by GoodWAN ensures that the sensor data is always reliably recorded, even from facilities that are located several kilometers away.

Temperature and humidity are vital indicators for balanced bird growth and the prevention of mortality. According to Cherkizovo Group estimates, the GoodWAN monitoring system will improve bird livability and reduce utility costs.

The system is currently being rolled out across all of Cherkizovo Group sites.



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