Regenerative agriculture more important than ever

Egg Innovations continues as the leader in sustainable and ethical egg production.

Egg Innovations, LLC, America’s largest exclusive producer of 100% Free Range and Pasture Raised eggs, continues as the leader in sustainable and ethical egg production by innovating regenerative farming practices in commercial ethical egg production. The focus of regenerative shell egg farming is on restoring the soil to its most natural form and creating a symbiotic relationship between chickens and the environment.

John Brunnquell, PhD, President and CEO of Egg Innovations, founded the company in the 1990’s as an offshoot of his family’s homestead, which dates back to 1913. He has spent his entire career in the egg industry and has specialized in ethical and innovative advancements in the production of shell eggs. His research, based on a holistic analysis of the egg production cycle, includes classic poultry science, genetics and nutrition all in concert with the environment, sustainability and animal welfare.

“Regenerative agriculture, at its core, aims to combat climate change and improve the ecosystem of the planet,” says Brunnquell. “Sustainable farming practices have always been in Egg Innovations’ DNA, but with the growing concern around climate change, the timing is right to raise the bar and be a part of the solution through innovation. We are proud to be a leader in regenerative egg farming and are on a mission to help our animals, people and planet lead healthier lives.”

Unlike other marketers of ethical eggs, Egg Innovations own the hens and provide management oversight of every pasture, which allows the company to implement and execute according to the four pillars of sustainable protocol: promote higher biodiversity; eliminate all synthetics on farms; construct multi-tier vegetation on pastures; and utilize ground covers. Based on commercial knowledge, vertical integration and animal expertise, Egg Innovations is uniquely positioned to deliver regenerative farming at scale across over 1,000 acres of pastures dedicated to laying hens in the U.S.

“We are the first shell egg producer on the globe to commercialize regenerative farming of free range and pasture raised laying hens. We are a true steward of the ethical egg industry, and it sets us apart from other companies. That said, our advances in regenerative agriculture are much more than just policies and technical procedures. We’re making a commitment to this because we believe in it, and we think it’s the right thing to do. It reinforces our company’s culture, values and identity.” says Brunnquell.

In order to score progress and improvement, Egg Innovations has built a proprietary measurement system which examines soil components. Higher levels of critical organic soil matter, minerals, and microorganism diversity means a healthier farm ecosystem, and ultimately a healthier planet. In addition to monitoring soil conditions, the company measures carbon capture and its effects on supporting natural chicken behaviors and overall hen health.

Brunnquell asserts "We’re the ethical hen experts. This sets us apart from marketers who simply resell eggs. Based on a combination of deep experience and knowledge of native laying hen behaviors grounded in evidence-based science, Egg Innovations knows what hens like most. Our approach aligns with what today’s consumer demands.”

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