Two industry leaders honored at NPFDA ceremony

Glennon Monroe and Ron Joyce honored at NPFDA virtual awards event.

The National Protein and Food Distributors Association (NPFDA) formerly known as National Poultry and Food Distributors Association awarded two industry leaders during its Awards Reception. The ceremony was held via zoom Wednesday, January 27 at 4 PM. 

Glennon Monroe, the COO at Columbia Meats, Inc. in West Columbia, South Carolina, was awarded the coveted Member of the Year Award. Ron Joyce, the President and CEO of Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was awarded the NPFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Monroe, along with Columbia Meats, has been a member of NPFDA since 2000. Glennon has followed his father’s footsteps in having served on the NPFDA Board of Directors, as Chair of NPFDA, and now as recipient of the Member of the Year award. Glennon’s leadership was instrumental during the transitioning of NPFDA’s staff leadership and has been a huge supporter of the organization. 

Fellow member and board executive, Jeff Paschall of Fieldale Farms Corporate, remarked that, “Glennon’s past and current leadership of NPFDA has been beneficial to the organization and its members. He has helped in so many ways in leading and directing our organization. He always makes time and sets great examples for us. He is very involved in all aspects of NPFDA. He’s a great member and a wonderful asset.” 

Joyce took over leadership of Joyce Farms (formerly known as Joyce Foods) from his father, founder Alvin Joyce, in 1981. His father instilled in him the importance of providing outstanding customer service with great products. He has served as president of the National Poultry and Foods Distributor’s Association (NPFDA), Chairman of the North Carolina Small Business Council, and a board member of the North Carolina Economic Development Board. He currently serves on the North Carolina Leadership Council of National Federation of Independent Business. 

Jon Poole, VP of Sales of Eastern Poultry, commented that “[Ron] re-invented Joyce Foods from a fresh fast foods chicken distributor into a producer and marketer of high-end quality protein products. He has addressed consumer needs related to natural, clean products, ABF, non-GMO, sustainably farmed, environmentally conscious and more healthy options. He took the time to do things right with extension research and hard work.” 

Congratulations again to Glennon Monroe and Ron Joyce on their much-deserved recognition to the industry and NPFDA organization. 


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