Women in Food and Agriculture launch ‘WFA Community’

Women in Food and Agriculture launch ‘WFA Community’- a new content and networking platform.

Women in Food and Agriculture have launched an online platform for members of their community to learn and interact with each other. This platform called WFA Community is a year-round content and networking hub for members of the women in food and agriculture movement.

WFA Community is the place that brings together people who support gender diversity in food and agriculture and gives them the chance to be part of a movement that is striving to make a change in the industry. For those who want to experience the WFA Summit day in day out, WFA Community will let members discuss the biggest challenges facing the sector, work towards improving diversity and network with members of this growing group.  

As part of WFA Community, members will have the chance to join new interactive content sessions including workshops, training, roundtables as well as taking part structured networking sessions and one to one networking with members using the specialised AI matching tool, all through a user-friendly app. 

Elisabeth Mork-Eidem Campaign Director for WFA explains “Due to the incredible engagement at the WFA Digital festival in December, we realised how much our members (women in food and agriculture and others who support diversity in our industry) value interaction with each other. With the COVID-19 pandemic reducing the opportunities we’ve all had to speak face to face this year, we wanted to create a new initiative to address this.”

“We are so excited about WFA Community as their truly fulfils a need for our supporters by offering a continuous opportunity for access to networking and content. This platform will become a year-round extension of the WFA Summit, which will be held in December, where members will be able to bring together the ideas talked about throughout the year and meet the people they have been communicating with on WFA Community face to face.”

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