Fiocruz to invest in pharma incubators

Fiocruz to invest in Royal Pas incubators.

For over a century, the Brazil-based Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, also known as Fiocruz, has been one of the world's leading scientific centers for research and development in biological sciences. Located in Manguinhos in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Fiocruz was founded by the famous Brazilian physician and epidemiologist Oswaldo Cruz, and today the institution has a broad range of responsibilities related to the health and wellbeing of the Brazilian population–functioning as a national institute of health and public health policies. It also contributes to projects worldwide for the development of vaccines and medicines against tropical illnesses.

In 2018, Fiocruz approved a development project focusing on improving its yellow fever manufacturing facilities and decided to carry out a full renovation of the whole factory. Looking for the best-quality embryos for virus replication and yellow fever vaccine production, Fiocruz has decided to invest in 8 Phoenix pharma incubators–4 primary (non-viral) and 4 secondary (viral) setters–from Pas Reform North America.

Preparation and project planning have been completed by Fiocruz and Pas Reform engineering departments in collaboration, and the installation is now scheduled to take place in February 2022.

“We are really happy and enthusiastic to be contributing to public health developments in Brazil,” says Artur Schlick, director Pas Reform do Brasil, “and also to be consolidating our reputation as a strong and top-quality player for egg incubation in the pharma industry.”


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