Former Hormel Foods CEO runs for Congress

As various election deadlines approach, more candidates are coming forward.

Jeffrey Ettinger | Hormel Foods
Jeffrey Ettinger | Hormel Foods

As various election deadlines approach, more candidates are coming forward. One of which is the former Hormel Foods Corps. CEO Jeffrey Ettinger who will be running for the 1st District congressional seat for Minnesota in the House of Representatives. 

As opposed to the general election this November, this is a special election to fill the seat of Rep. Jim Hagedorn who passed away from cancer in February. 

Ettinger will be running as a moderate Democrat because he believes that meeting in the middle is the most effective method to help solve our country’s problems. 

“I would really be seeking to look for balanced solutions. I think that’s where the correct solutions to problems lie. I think solutions that come from the middle stick, and are accepted by people more,” said Ettinger. 

Ettinger’s way of finding these balanced solutions is by collaboration and listening to informed opinions. In his words, “my style of business was to try and be respectful and collaborative and really seek a lot of opinions, and that would be my philosophy in running here as well.”

Ettinger’s style of business has been successful so far as he was one of the most successful CEOs of Hormel Foods for 11 years, he was named the World’s Best CEO by Barron’s in 2016 and he was named Responsible CEO of the Year by Corporate Responsibility magazine in 2012.

Ettinger will be on the campaign trail until the election holding listening sessions across southern Minnesota to connect with constituents. “I think most folks, unfortunately, view our political leaders as part of the problem rather than they do as part of the solution,” said Ettinger. 

The primaries will be held on May 24, and the election will be held on August 9. 

However, whoever wins will only serve the remaining few months of the term as midterm elections will be held on November 8 in which all 435 House and all 50 Senate seats will be voted on. 

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