TARGAN and Viscon Hatchery announce partnership

Collaboration will expand the reach of the TARGAN tech system.

TARGAN and Viscon Hatchery Automation B.V. (VISCON) have announced a collaboration to expand the reach of the revolutionary TARGAN WingScan system in selected markets.

Ramin Karimpour, CEO of TARGAN, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, "VISCON's expertise in intelligent hatchery automation aligns with our innovative WingScan technology, marking a pivotal move into new global markets."

The TARGAN WingScan system utilizes AI, machine learning and high-speed vision systems to achieve up to 98% accuracy in chick feather sexing at a remarkable rate of 100,000 per hour. This breakthrough technology enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs and promotes sustainability in the poultry supply chain.

Bas Smaal, commercial director at Viscon Hatchery Automation, highlighted the system's impact on its portfolio, stating, "The WingScan system streamlines our hatchery automation, allowing worldwide customers to deliver gender-specific broiler chicks with minimal labor requirements. This optimization improves overall supply chain efficiency, FCR, and processing plant consistency."

For additional information, visit targan.com and follow linkedin.com/company/targan-inc.

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